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Name: Rebecca Parks, find me on Amazon if you'd like to see my most recent work, guys! :)

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Strange to think that when I opened this account I was about 20. 15 years later...

Live: Alberta, Canada

I just wanted to let you guys know, that I will be removing Web of Lies from here soon. I just wanted to let you know, just in case you wanted to read it before I take it down. I have rewritten the book. It is quite similar to the original version, but slightly different. I also added some bonus scenes at the end from different people's POVs. One POV is from Denny, another from Jade. Send me an private message if you have a favorite point in the book that you'd like to hear from someone else's POV for a special scene before I close it and put the book up for sale. Just so you know...I will leave the first 11 chapters of the old version here on fictionpress.com. But I won't leave the rest. It will help me to not have as many problems because I've had a lot of people that have plagiarized my book and I had to fight them in the past. My apologizies to you guys that love to read the book and will miss it. But if you want the newer version of it, just let me know. I'll try to make the electronic version fairly cheap for the fictionpress fans if you want it.

Piece of Advice: Never drink liquid of any kind at the computer. When you read something funny, it will end up all over the screen.

I love the way everyone sticks up their favorite quotes on the screen, but I never know what to put...hmm...

Inspirational Quote: "Tomorrow is always a new day, with no mistakes in it." ~Anne of Green Gables

My Stories:

Pierced: Haha...Bri was so fun to write...she's so spunky. I'm not going to give you a synopsis. There's one beneath. All I have to say is...Cupid is totally hot!

Pierced 2: I am still writing this story, but Web of Lies has taken Precedence. I'll finish this one when I have more time to focus on it.

Web Of Lies: Finished! Well? Am I good or am I good? Yup. That's right. I'm good. (AM CURRENTLY REVISING!! The finished product might be quite a bit different from what is there, although the main and important things will definitely be the same. I am thinking of calling it Splinter Bridge instead of Web of Lies.)

We Were Taboo: I guess this is my version of a rant on people that have made racist comments in town near a Native Americans reserve. I just put it in story form so that you could see how deep the issues run and how it's not as simple as saying...well, there's no Canadian Residential Schools anymore. It is a good story, though. Read it! You'll like it. I promise! And you could leave me some ever so loverly reviews while you're at it. smiles innocently

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