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Um, because someone actually showed an interest in me as a person, some stuff:

Nickname: Duchess

Gender: I'm sure you can figure that out.

Favourite Colour: Pink.

Favourite Sweet: Chocolate! Well, chocolate truffles, actually. Godiva, for preference, although Thorntons is divine.

School: Ivory-tower English private one.

University: University College, Durham University

Home: Various places. Pick from: country pile in Scotland, Belgravia townhouse in London, and a house in rural Cheshire.

Appearance: Slightly worrying human. Enough said.

Random Stuff:

Favourite Restaurant: The Ritz. Don't often get to go, but I love it anyway.

Kids: Yes, I would like one. Though it means a torturous adoption process and strange people poking around my house...

Marriage: If they make it legal.

Car: Don't particularly care, but if I had to pick...Rolls Royce Phantom.

Like: Getting my own way (who doesn't?), chocolate, slashy stories, anime, and my girlfriend Jenni.

Hate/Fear: Wasps. And spiders. I sledgehammered one once.

Little personal note here - if you add me as a favourite author, or add a story as a favourite, please do leave a review, even if it's just a 'I love this!'-esque one.



To Rachael, without whom Rakael would not exist.

To Grace, whose (totally unwarranted) optimism and joy has helped this story through its darkest hours.

To Katie, my oldest and best friend who has helped and supported me in all things, great and small. Thanks.

And to a person I know only as T. Com, whose criticism and compliments helped to improve my writing.

Slave To Dawn, Master to the Twilight

To V, for being my amazingly awesome and totally insane friend. And also, most definitely, to my wonderful Jenni.

Thanks - Marinus.

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