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I get a lot of my inspiration from Eisley, with their wonderful lyrics and beautiful sounds. It's the sort of band that every
good writer should listen to, or at least appreciate. I'd say that half or more of my poems/stories are written with "Marvelous Things" or
"Head Against the Sky" playing in the background. well, then...

ahhh...yes. I have an odd combination of works down there, half
being school/personal essays that are stiff and formal and that I hate,
the other half being angsty poetry of my own design, with one or two
weird little stories thrown in for flavor. But, um...

...I let my writing speak for itself, for me.

Mis inspiraciones?

I tend to write best when I'm in love, when I'm having relationship problems, when I'm angry, when I'm going through something tough, if I've just accomplished something significant...lately, a lot of my material has been pretty raw. I guess it's just reflecting how I've been feeling about a lot of things in my life.

A good deal of my works are in first person, though I have to warn that not all pertain to myself, even though they might read as such. I really put myself into the person who is being portrayed in my poetry, whether or not their personas align closely with my own.

Favoritos Autores? I spose I must include them...

Tamora Pierce, the loveliest fiction writer in the world, Robert Jordan, who has more imagination and attention to detail than I ever thought possible, Ray Bradbury, who virtually invented the science fiction genre, Dean Koontz, who is like Stephen King except on a completely different level, Julia Alvarez, who writes of such beautiful tragedies, Jacqueline Carey (lots of love to Kushiel's Legacy), Stephenie Meyer, whose characters are so alive that I can almost see them dancing in front of me...

As you can tell I don't have many favorite authors, I more rather like individual books...like these:

Tithe, Valiant, and especially Ironside (a series of Modern Fairytales), Lily, The Hunter's Moon, Dog Handling, Tomorrow, When the War Began, Keeper, When I Was a Soldier, Twilight, New Moon, Before We Were Free, In the Time of the Butterflies, The Dream-Maker's Magic, Blood Bound, Moon Called

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