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I'm one of the people who writes for fun so I won't take it personal if you don't like it.

Weird things can happen until reality ensues, like what happened few years ago when I went to drink on a water fountain and a shark came out and tried to eat me. But then I remember something...sharks can't survive in air so it suffocated and died.

Also I found a penny.

Just to let you know, "Series of Stupid Clich├ęs" is the "A-Side" while "Off The Wall" is the "B-Side". You're free to read just one of the two but they will have some forms of connection in anyway one day, whatever that is.

Also, feel free to leave some reviews, even death threats are acceptable.

I'm getting too old for this...

Feel free to look up my account with the same name in FanFiction as well.


Update - "After the Creepy but without the Pasta" will resume in the near future, until then, hang in there.

Update - Sad news, I waited too long to update the documents and now they're all gone. Also the update I promised you...it's not going to happen so sorry about that one. I guess it should end since the whole thing would have been inconclusive anyway, just like life.

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