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HELLo tHERE. I mean, Hello there. :)

So you've managed to stumble across my profile. Well, welcome! Don't feel like a stranger, the only one who bites around here is Jack, and he tends to stick to the bad guys and me when it comes to stuff like that. :) My Pen Name is Kohnitz, but feel free to call me CeeCee, Vix (Victoria Blaizener), Zo (Zoe Maudlin), Sil (Noelle Parker), Sam (Samantha Hunter aka Deau Campbell), Vi (Vira Charlotte), Hanley (Hanley Marks aka Rylee Marks), Jules (Julianne Ehtt), Madi (Madilyine Goldmeyer) or any combination of them. These are my characters, and in a way, they are all a part of me, or were a part of me at one time or another. Eventually, I will finish their stories, but for now, they sit in an unused folder on my desktop until I finish my currents.

If you want to know anything about the real Kohnitz, just ask. Seriously, like I said before, I don't bite. I'm a bit sarcastic, and yeah, I like to have fun. But don't take offense to most things I say unless you know I mean it rudely. (: 90 percent of what comes out of my mouth is a joke. The other 10 is trying to be a joke. (:

I hate stealers, cheaters, and liars. Don't steal my words. I won't hesitate to hunt you down and give your lying, cheating, stealing butt a kick back to reality. Because in the real world, this page and my stories, songs, and poems are COPYRIGHT by Kohnitz--me.

Much love and ink, dears.

Okay, so right now you can call me Sil, cause I'm rewriting Dear Diary, I'm Not Okay specially for my new bestie (his name is Douglas John Paul Ringo George (: ) cause he wants to read something of mine, and everything that is up sucks horribly. (Sorry for anyone who likes my old stuff. Hehe) Anyway, sooo... read. Review. I guess? My writing is sort of going downhill. I'm running out of ideaaassss...

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