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Ah, the joys of entering a new environment.

Hi there! I'm Celestina Warlock (or at least my pseudonym is). I am a writer and an artist; as cocky as that may sound, I"m only telling you all what I am. I won't say if I'm any good or really bad at writing and drawing but I consider myself so no matter what you think of my work. I'm mad for Harry Potter--and I mean the book series, not the character itself (I would love to go on a tirade on why I don't like Harry, for those of you who are wondering--or the actor for that matter but I fear that it would take my trail of thought away from the task at hand which is to write a profile about myself). For easy reading, I shall continue my profile in a form of a list--for those who are interested, of course.

Ron Weasley is my all-time favorite Harry Potter character.
* I'm obsessed with Harry Potter's world. And I do mean obsessed.
* I am an incoming college freshman this May, perhaps (that makes me seventeen).
* I have a boyfriend (my computer, haha, since I spend most of my time with it--er--him).
* I am a sucker for cheesy romantic films--the sighs of being a girl.
* Purple is one of my deepest obsessions aside from Harry Potter and half of the things I own is of that color.
* I am not a fan of Lord of the Rings--not because of any "I am only a Harry Potter fan" thing but because I can honestly and sincerely not understand the complexity of the world that Mr. Tolkien has made. I respect its reputation and creativity but I have not read any of the books and I am, therefore, not a fan.
* Non-comformist--I don't like following bandwagons of trends be it because of fashion or music or whatever. I am not a robo-clone that looks like everyone else in terms of taste in clothes and stuff. I just don't care. If everyone wears black, I wear orange. If everyone likes rock, I love instrumental and classical so bleh to you.
* I am a child-at-heart. Even if my age might betray me, I still act like a kid who does not enjoy homework (but then again, who does?), does not want to grow up and distressfully wants to fly off to Neverland.
* I like fantasy and inspirational films, books and T.V. shows (like Joan of Arcadia, Peter Pan, Finding Neverland, etc.)
* I am not a girly-girl who is crazy for make-up, pink, mini-skirts, heels and hair-obsessive. I like to go with something comfy and as for make up? I like to go o' naturale.
* I used to be an anime fan. Yes, you heard me, used to be. Although I still watch old favorites from time to time, I don't watch them religiously anymore. I don't draw the eyes, nose, mouths and hair of manga/anime anymore because I'd like to move on to a style that totally my own and a bit more realistic. So if you see me coming up with works that are anime-like, mayhap the theme or the occassion called for it.
* I still watch cartoons. Although not religiously (except for the Simpsons), I still do catch old favorites--not anime (dearie, don't confuse yourself). Cartoons like As Told by Ginger, Hey Arnold, Rugrats All Grown Up, the Simpsons, The Avatar: the Last Airbender, etc. I like them because they tell lessons and they make me feel like a little kid again (of course, the Simpsons is a different matter. Haha).
* I don't watch T.V. all that much as you may now have inferred due to the fact that I have said "not religiously" twice. Except for the Simpsons, The O.C., Whose Line is it Anyway? and Joan of Arcadia, I hardly watch T.V. at all. I may turn it on and do something else but I don't pay attention to what's on.
* I love to write and brew stories in my head. This is, again, all thanks to Harry Potter--or should I say, Ms. Rowling--because it inspires me to come up with things totally my own. Who knows, if people think I'm good now, think of how good I could get in a few more years time!
* Last but definitely not the least (because this is only how much I could come up to describe myself for now) I ramble. Yes! I ramble! If you haven't figured that out by now because of how much or how lengthy I've written, then that means you need to keen up your observation skills! Yep, I ramble and due to that, I am limited to writing lengthy poems and even lengthier novels--I don't do one-shots due to the fact that they are really long.

Yipee! And that's it for now, I hope you like my work (when I've posted them, I mean. haha!).

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