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the hand behind this pen relives a failure every day

i have a name, and i live in a city somewhere; that's all you really need to know about who i am. i enjoy writing, because i'd like to think that maybe something i have to say could be important, and it's very therapeutic and cleansing. i draw upon stream-of-consciousness narratives, music, and my everyday life for inspiration. i like to smoke a lot of cigarettes and drink coffee, and i am an avid reader. i might not lead the most eventful or exciting life, but i have the best friends on the face of this planet, and that's all you really need. while i very much enjoy the writing process, i have a tendency to lose interest in topics very quickly. so i'm trying to stick to one-shots and shorter stories, perhaps for your sake, perhaps for mine.

so now, stop reading this nonsense and scroll down to the bottom of the page...that's right, you know you want to click those stories. oh, and just one last thing: please, if you take the time to read something i've written, for the love of god and all things holy, give me some feedback. you've no idea how much i just love reviews.

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