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"Curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back."

This is one of my most favorite quoes because who doesn't get a little curious every once and a while.

Name: Pam

Age: Freshman

Height: too short

Weight: like i'm telling you

Ambition: writer/editor (I want to live in London!)

Loves: dancing, horsebackriding, reading, writing (duh), signing, being weird, shopping for shoes (because who can have too many shoes), eating (ahh the food that sustains life), and anything that I feel like at the moment.

Favorite Books: There's just so many but the few that I really love are A Great And Terrible Beauty and Rebel Angels both written by Libba Bray. I also very much enjoyed Twilight and New Moon both written by Stephenie Meyer. I also enjoyed almost anything written by Tamora Pierce. Fantasy books with a little bit of romance have always been my favorite. Any book by Sara Dessen also will most likely be my favorite.

Let me tell you a little bit about myself but not too much that I bore you to death. I love having fun and being silly. I can be a label whore at times (holds up coach bag) but I'm a girl so who can blame me. I love shopping at Nordstrom and Nordstrom rack. My mom taught me well in the ways of sales hunting. I love my friends and family. I like hanging out and just doing nothing. I have done Ballet for many years and this is my third year of pointe. I'm also into horseback riding which is soo much fun. I shoot guns in West Virginia but you wouldn't think with just one look at me. My eighth grade summer was my first time off the East coast. I went to London and Paris. Europe is soo much fun even if there's no freakin air conditioning. This past summer I went to summer I went to Spain and London and had a blast again. I try to do well in school without killing myself and I'm a very social person. I hope everyone enjoys my story and now here's a little info about the one I'm working one right now.

Last Place In Life
Shenna William. Age 16. 11th grade. She was the lonely matchstick girl. Alway wandering. Until He came and he changed her life. For the better.

Typical romance and late but I'm trying hard not to make it too cliche. I think the characters have a lot of potential and although I don't have the whole plot mapped out I hope to plan more of it soon. It's a work in progress and I may frequently go back and edit chapters.

Sheena's bridesmaid dress: Look at the color pallet to the right of the picture. Look at the last row of color. The second one in from the right is purple looking when you click it it will change the color of the dress and that is the dress that I have selected.


Kyle's car: Go to colors. Look to your right and you'll see a little pull down menu with an orange arrow. Select Mustang V6 Premium Convertable. Select the dark blue color and that is Kyle's car.


September 18 Update:

I'm very very very sorry I have been gone so long. It was a dry day in the dessert of my creative mind. I have been blessed with an oasis and a multitude of story ideas and hope to continue my work on Last Place In Life. I have typed up on chapter 6 and I just have to add in the corrections my editor gave me. I currently have a page on chapter 7 and hope that will be up soon after chapter 6. I plan to edit regularly now since I have sooo many story ideas and maybe finish it off quickly so I can start on another one of those wonderful ideas just floating around in my head.

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