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There's not much to say about me. I'm a student who can't help but be a nerdy overachiever despite my lazy tendencies. This leads to the most sporadic schedule of amazing productivity and abysmal bouts of procrastination. But those moments of procrastination do get filled with lots of daydreaming, which can lead to sparks of writing and thus the work (and hopefully, in the future, works) you see below is born.

My Writing

Gossip, Set and Match - Character Map
In the game of love, Mackenzie Carwyn plays Fairy Gossipmonger, fulfilling email match requests with the stock house of information she collects as the South Creek High's secret busybody. Granting happily ever afters using scraps of gossip seemed simple enough, but that was before she gets drawn into matching two people who can't even have a civil conversation with each other, a newspaper staff member is out to expose her secret identity, and anonymous emails keep popping up inquiring about Mackenzie herself. Has Mackie finally found herself way over her head? Or perhaps she's just met her match?
Status (as of 10/14/13): Chapter 32 is posted!

Reese's Pieces
Her card read: You make me fall to pieces. He had to chuckle at the message because piece by piece, Reese Colton was already smitten. *A companion piece to Gossip, Set and Match*
Status (as of 4/28/13): Chapter 1 is posted!

I am extremely grateful for all the thoughtful and encouraging reviews that are left for me, so I try my very best to reply to each one. Since I am unable to PM anonymous reviewers my responses, they can be found here: Responses to Anonymous Reviews

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