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Well, Hiya!! I'm the Evil Penguin Misstress Of Doom And Gloom! Otherwise known as Bek, the Strange middle child, of the oldest child of the youngest child of the Mack family tree. ( On my fathers side ) - or - the Strange middle child of the middle child of the middle child of the Tasker family tree! ( On my mothers side! )

Surprisingly enough, I do have friends, but I am not inclined to mention their names, because... Well, because I dont want to.

But, yeah... I don't plan on putting any of my stories up here for a while, mostly becasue I'm so self conscious about my writing (and theres really not a lot of it) but mainly coz I'm spending most of my time reading other peoples work. ( I think your stories rock!! )

Anyway, I'm going to go now...

Ta Ta!!

P.S I like cucumbers.

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