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About me:
Age: 14
Name: Megan
Gender: use your brain
Mental Health Condition: perfectly fine, thank you
Hair: Very dirty blond, straight
Eyes: blue-y, green-y, gray-y... yeah.
Birthplace: Montréal, Québec
Mother Tongue: English
Places Lived: Montreal, Beaconsfield, Massachusetts, Oakville
Times Moved: 7 (don't ask)
Languages Spoken: English, French, I'm learning Mandarin, the occasional Italien, German, Flemish, and Spanish
Ambitions: I want to travel, I don't care what I do in life so long as I can enjoy it and it allows me to travel all over the world.
Pet Peeve: When people stereotype teenagers
Annoying Habit: I always run my hand through my hair because I have layers and it's the only way to keep it all out of my eyes, whenever I do it, though, I either get my hand stuck, make my hair greasy, or people make fun of me for trying to look cool.
Other Tidbits:I am an extreme procrastinator. My best friends are this girl I've known since pre-school and my older sister (older by two years, five months and two days). I'm reaaly close with my family. I spend my spare time either reading, eating, sleeping, chilling, writing, or amusing myself with the wonder that is the internet.

There you have it, All About Me. Please don't stalk me, it's incredibly rude.

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