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Hello, I'm Jade. That's not my real name but I'd like to be called Jade. I write a lot of fiction. I've written a few on fanfiction.net aswell under the pen name jade_dusk and this is the first time I've ever decided to share my stories to the world. I hope when people read Stars they feel inspired by it and look at others in a new light and see that popularity isn't everything and can be gained in more ways than one. I'm Canadian by the way!

I like to check to see who is on my alerts and faves and such so don't be suprised if you get a message from me. I do that when I'm at school mostly. Can you guess where I am now:P My teacher often gets me in trouble for writing here during class but I'm top in my english so I'm usually done everything anyway. I'm a grade 11 in a grade 12 english class and I'm doing better than them. It just goes to show doing your work can take you far.

Anyhow, this is the best place to get inspiration because it's full of kids just like Star, Jill and Charley... more so Jill and Star but I'll take up the role of Charley... with boobs and a vagina... anyhow! Thanks for reading this if you actually did get this far. My teacher is coming around now so I better go now. I hope to see reviews from you!

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