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Well, me.

There isn't much to say. Where to start...well, I'm in high school. I go to a private Christian school - and, let me tell you, it's just insane. Quite beautiful. But, yes. I am UBERGEEK. Uber. As in VERY. It's fun. I enjoy writing, mostly, and of course reading. I used to be quite obsessed with fanfiction, but I've moved into more mainstream work with fiction. I work primarily with historical fiction and fantasy, but do branch out. I've been writing fiction since I was 10, and, well, it's evolved; because a ten-year-old's writing skills leave MUCH to be desired.

My muses are many, and include Guy Gavriel Kay, J.R.R. Tolkien, Pauline Gedge, and Edgar Rice Burroughs. Yes, I like Tarzan. Bite me. My not-so-literary muses include my sister, who I have modeled a few characters after (Lucia in Spartan is the one who's up on this site), my best friend, Drew, who I have also modeled a few characters after (he's yet to make an appearance on this site except as that minor football player dude who trips Chance in the second chapter of Tales of the Fay), and various other people. They include the characters of Cletus and Kosmos in Spartan - cameos of my DEAR cough not cough friends Billy and David; The character of Kiko in Tales of the Fay, who is actually modeled after three of my closest friends - Anna, Lisa, and Jess; and Glorrianna in TotF, who is modeled after my mom. My newest model is Tyler, who I've observed in his interactions with his adorable sister. He is, in essence, Argos for Spartan. Just not as built, and with lighter, straighter hair. .

In addition to reading a LOT and writing a LOT (I'm gonna put some of my poetry up here soon, and my other stories...one day), I also draw. Much of it is very anime-style, influenced heavily by the TON of anime that I watch. But I do draw, and it helps me have a better idea of my characters. So far, I've drawn most of the characters in my stories, including some that I haven't yet introduced. But they shan't be posted here - 'tis for stories, silly!

At any rate, I read a lot of the fiction posted here, and try to review, but...my time has alot of constarints on it, and I just don't always get around to reviewing. So, if I've reviewing once or twice on your stories, be forewarned - I'll read every chapter, but only review when I have time. Which isn't always, but rest assured that I do still read the stories. . And I lose my password ALL THE TIME, so...

Well, there isn't much else to say.

Read my stories, drop me a line...

I'm open to both "I love it's!" (not too many, though...they get annoying after a while) and criticism. I always like to know where my writing can be improved upon. .


Mistress of SHADOWS...

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