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The Full Neko Alchemist
Joined Jan '06

I am the Full Neko Alchemist, a fan of various shows including Frasier and Yu-Gi-Oh GX (the Japanese original), and I also write original fiction and one-shots in my spare time.

This account will be used to up various ficlets and one-shots I wrote, most of which are based on RPGs which I take part in and or have created. Due to this, though I have been told I do good characterisation in fanfiction, there may seem small lacks of development and wandering POVs since it is based on RP events.

Review Policy

Considering that lots of people like to receive feedback, I'll be happy to review a fiction of yours if you'll leave me a review. ^^

'Axis Tilt' is updated.

Fiction Art:

Since I also draw, I have upped some pictures of the characters which inhabit my story. If there's a particular character you want to see but she's not on my artpage, let me know and I'll see what I can do.




The Troika

I have removed Snippets from a Bygone Age and Blessed Night because they revealed too much information. Thanks to a reviewer for pointing this out to me. You're just going to have to wait and see what happens next. ^^

Future Plans:
To continue upping the story.

If you want to email me, leave me a note in your review and I'll email you. ^^

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