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Hi everyone! I changed my name to Ichigo Redwood because that's what I've always been known as. Sorry if this confuses anyone. My previous name was Eragon2000, if that helps. I got tired of people asking if I was an Eragon nut. I will admit, the books are fantastic, very well written. But the movie... well, that could have been throw out the window of a 1,000 story building, and dropped into the pit of 'Wtf were we thinking?".

Well, to everyone who is reading Wolf Demons of the Northern Lands, I am rewriting and updating the story using all the skills I've learned during my long absence. I have plans for more stories, but I have a bad habit of starting one, writing a bit of it, get stuck, think of a new one, and forgetting on returning to the older ones until a long time has passed. I am trying really hard to fix that and finish what I started.

I'm a spaz when it comes to stories and I tend to think of a new one about every other day just about. The only problem then is I get overwhelmed and tend to bounce around a lot between my stories. If I haven't said it before, I'll say it again: it's a really bad habit I'm trying to fix.

WDNL will be completed, with an actual ending and not a giant cliffhanger with several loose ends still whipping around in the wind. The mystery behind Michael will be solved, promise.

I only have one warning to my readers: All of the story content is Rated Mature and up.

As a side note: I wouldn't mind finding someone to bounce ideas off and help me proof read/edit my stories. Fair warning, very few subjects are taboo to me so be prepared if you want to take me up on the offer.

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