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"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."

"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all."

-Oscar Wilde

Hello my creepy darlings. Seems my pen-name has been discovered. How lovely to know!

Okay, I've noticed that I like to write a lot of poetry, but also know that I'm up for new ideas for different poems if you have any specific thoughts. You can give me tips in reviews and crap like that. I don't mind if you end up telling me the poem isn't good because of this or that or I didn't portray it well... but I'd prefer that if you want to flame me, then please leave your pen-name so I may return the great favor. Also, if you review me, I always try to return that favor too : )

You may call me C Lovey or Meaningless Tears, it makes no difference to me. I love getting reviews so don't feel shy lol. I'm female and a very sarcastic person most of the time and critical, but I'm trying to not be soooo critical. It's kinda hard to change old habits, y'know? So cut me some slack like I wish my friends would. Any how, I have black hair, hazel eyes, and pale skin. I like to wear a lot of black, in fact that's my dominant color. There's too many bands that I like for me to name them all. I'll say I like Flyleaf, Skillet, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Linkin Park, Bjork, My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace, Thousand Foot Crutch, and many more.

I have a second account where I will, will being the big word there, be putting some stories up. I put one up, and it's called The Perfect Fit. My second account name is under: MiScHiEvOuS sMiLeS. I added the name to my favorites since it won't let you search it for some unknown reason.

I do ask that you go check out the story if you don't mind!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the poems even though most of them are depressing, but some of them are hopeful. Others have other emotions that maybe even you can relate too. If you would like me to review something, then just say so and I'll try my best to get right on that. Have fun my loveys!

-Meaningless Tears

"I had his attention for one moment and all i could say was 'potatoes'." -Adrienne

"Are you sure I'm not sick?"

"Well honey, you appear healthy to me."

"Okay... Can you check me for rabies?" -Adrienne & Ms. Whinny

Both Quotes from "The Perfect Fit"

Hello my dearests,

I thought I would inform you that I've been writing vampire love poems recently. So if you would like a dangerous love poem that you can sink your teeth into... you might just find them here (creepy smile). Enjoy!


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