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Captain Lucky
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Aarrrgggg! I be Captain Lucky! Before I say anything more, I'd like to establish a couple of things: I love to write, of course, and I love reading all your stuff. I love getting reviews and I will review something of yours if you review mine. I claim the right to be cliche, I claim the right to be cheesy, and I respect your rights to do the same if you like to write that. Most of the stuff I will be putting on here are works in progress and are still a first or second draft, so it'll be rough, but hey - if it's fun, I'm all for it! So blah, blah, blah, those are all my warnings. I hope you enjoy my work and I'm sure I'll enjoy yours!

4-21: Hi everyone, I have just something I'd like to say about reviews: I recognize that my grammar and spelling are off the charts (not in a good way), but please try to focus reviews on my ideas and the actual story. I need revision from you guys. Anyone can edit, but it takes a skilled author (such as anyone reading this page ;) to actually give advise.

And I promise to review anyone who reviews me, even though it may take me a few days/weeks (sorry!), so PLEASE review=)

Quote of the day/week/month/year/...: "You were supposed to be this Colossus - you were this great, legendary thing - and yet he gains!" -The Princess Bride

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