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I honestly don't know why I'm even writing this: no one really looks at these things, anyway.

Except me.



I should probably stop rambling and just give you a fact file so I stop rambling and - oh, wow, look! It's a DAISY! Don't you just love daisies? I mean, they're just so prettiful and-

I'm sorry. I'll stop torturing you now.

Name: Amanda

Gender: You...you really can't tell?!

Age: somewhere between 0 and 49573. But I'm in high school, so that should get rid of a few numbers.

Location: Australia...and no, I don't have a friggen pet kangaroo.

Favourite Bands: The All-American Rejects, Good Charlotte, End Of Fashion, Bowling For Soup...the list goes on for several pages.

Favourite Subjects: Why the hell are you even looking in the general direction of my answer for this?! ARE YOU REALLY THAT BORED?!

Favourite Foods: Oh dear god...you are!

I noticed that a lot of people wrote stuff about what was happening with their current projects in these things and thought that it was a really good idea. So kudos to whoever thought of it, as against me for ripping it off.

A Horoscope A Week- A...er..not-so-weekly set of (hopefully) humourous horoscopes. Just in case you couldn't guess from the title. I'm kind of losing my inspiration for this but chapter 8 is, after about a billion months, FINALLY UP! Go read it now...and then vote on the polll. Because if you don't I'll hunt you down and kill you. :cue maniacal laughter:
UPDATE: do not read this...THING. I mean, before I'd just lost my inspiration for it. Now I too DETEST it.

Surviving The Social Groups- How to identify and deal with each of the social groups. So far we have Teenyboppers (Preps), Sk8er Punkz ,Jocks and Goths, again, hopefully funny. Chapter 5 is FINALLY up...still not my best. Ah well.

Update from the future - 2008.
Ok, so after about 9 billion (ok, 3 years) of total inactivity, I'm suddenly getting a lot of reviews. Why? Who knows. But I think that I should probably mention here that I don't ever intend to continue either of my feeble not-stories any time soon, so as to avoid any disappointment (ha, yeah, I wish). Thanks for reading anyway!

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