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I'm Franchesca, call me whatever you like. I'm a sophomore in high school, so yeah, I guess you can say I'm pretty young. I love to run(or hate, it's definitely one of those things), I do the whole 'xc, winter track, spring track' suicide thing. It really is an acquired taste, but once you love it, it's like a drug. Literally, if I don't run for a set amount of days (because let's face it, when that rare vacation where I don't have practice, I often 'forget' to run out of pure laziness, which is probably why I'm not that good at it) I start getting easily irritated, probably from lack of endorphins. Which is why there will always probably be some running aspect in my stories (minus one shots) because it's so intergrated in my life it's hard to live with out. But let's end that rant.

I hate when people put fanfics up on fictionpress. Wrong website! :O.

I know my writing's not the best, but don't worry, I'm workin' on it.

One Shots:

Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

Summary: “Well, well, it looks like we’re under the mistletoe…” he said, the corner of his lip twitching up into a smirk.“It appears we are.” I said curtly, “Now move you creep.”. My first one shot, very fluffy. About Christmas of course.

Maybe Sorta Upcoming stories:(probably will be made as soon as I get atleast halfway through Have You Ever Wondered?)

Important: Titles and summaries for 'Upcoming stories' subject to change.

You can't buy me love

Summary: They say expect the unexpected, but Sydney just needed the money for rent. She never guessed posing as her gay best friend's fiancee would have lead to so much danger. And who could've predicted that the hero of the story was her friend's rebel of an older brother.

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