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Okay, I've decided that it's probably safe to put a little information up here since no ones seems to read these anyways. I'm 18 and am getting ready to go to college (oh god!) and am practically going insane over essays, application forms, and audition dates. I love to write, but my passion is in music. My stories run primarily on inspiration, which is probably not that great of a thing, since I blow steam and then can't think of what to add next. My writing ranges from lyrical and poetic to just plain aweful. I know, I need to fix this sporadic writing, but I have a slight (this is an understatment) problem with organization.

I'm a fraternal twin, which is fun, since my sister is a couple feet taller than me and we look nothing alike. I like primarily to write horror stories, but also am dabbling with some fantasy, poetry, and some other catagories. As of now, I'm a little busy with a combination of college stuff, school, music, and just trying to live. However, I will try and post chapters a little more often. My goal right now is to finish "Skinwalker Ranch," and anyone who is waiting on the others...sorry, they'll get done eventually.

If you have any criticisms, tips, or whatever, please review so I can improve on my writing. Thanks!



!!!!!Oh My God!!!!!! I'm so sorry. I've so busy and some issues have risen up...so everyone either thinks I've died or you're just as busy as me! I promise I'll post the next chapter to "Skinwaker Ranch" soon. Geez...I feel terrible...sorry...

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