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Jeff Drovdahl PM
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The name that I will go by as long as I am on this site will be, Jack Darringer.

I am 22 years old and I love writing. I don't have any published experience but I have had a chance to do tons of things so far with my skills. For those of you that are curious and might live on the lighter side of my writing; I run a website with a few of my close friends and we make action/comedy movies and post them on the web. I have written many of the scripts for these videos as well as acted in a few (you can try to guess who I am if you really want) and it will show a very different side to my writing. If you feel so obliged the website is: http://

I have an e-mail available for questions and feel free to send me a message. Just here to see what other people think of the stories I tell. I appreciate and expect all the criticism and opinions I can get, good or bad, and I will try to do the same.

For everyone else; happy hunting!

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