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The sun in the sky only mocks my pain,

So I strip it down and let it stain,

The thunder and lightning that soothe my brain,

The sun isn’t shining so let it rain.

--Maelstrom, Isis

I set up this account to see what you guys think of my work, so any reviews, whether they're positive or negative, will be gladly received! I'm kind of insecure about what I do, and although I like it I worry whether I'm the only one!

At the moment - although I recently went on a bout of song writing - I have actually completed the book Drinkdeep, though still need to finish editing however many pages it is, and ahven't got it all on fictionpress. I am currently writing a book called Dream Thieves, and the first few chapters of both of these 'books' can be found, well, here!I am quite proud of Dream Thieves although it is not finished, and handwrite it before typing it up. This means that I can write some of it in lesson time *lol*.

Of course, I have probably stolen ideas from all sorts of books, but as Philip Pullman says: 'If this story contains any honey, it is entirely because of the quality of the nectar I found in the work of better writers.'

Good luck in all that you do, And know that your God's watching over you.

Isis xxx

P.S My work is mainly fantasy, as this is the genre I prefer to read, but I like to chuck a lot of romance in too. Maybe its just because I'm really very mushy XD!


Please read this often because I update it frequently. Thanks.

Wowee, three more songs, and another one that has a complete piano backing =O shock horror! So NEW in is Memories of Flowers - a little song about the disappointing differences between dreams and reality. Next and NEW is Accusations the one with the piano backing. I love this song and play it almost everday - yes I am that sad XD. I even prefer it to Glass Rose =O more shocks! And finally NEW is one of my moste favourite pieces I have EVER written, going hand in hand with an idea for a manga I'm developing, here's Separating the Were from the Wolf. Please please please R+R! It's basically about a young werewolf who has the opportunity to be cured, but - in the end - does she really want to lose her other half? Has being a werewolf become so much a part of her that she cannot let it go, even when a friend has died to bring her that opportunity? I hope you can try to relate, and if a werewolf does read it I hope it touches you XD.

After my big apology I decided to write something, and so three songs came out of me in half an hour. That was quite impressive, seeing as they all had vocal melodies. Still have to write the piano parts though! So please check them out: NEW in are My Dead Love Blasphemous Lies, and So Far From. All were inspired by Evanscence's Call Me When You're Sober and the video that goes with it. It has wolves in it :D. O and also NEW is Forever and Foreternity which I had written the choruses for ages ago and only just finished the verses and bridge etc. It is loosely connected to Dream Thieves, so do enjoy! And please review if you like, don't like, or absolutely adore! Sorry I haven't been reviewing much but I am getting on that right away!

BIGBIGBIG apology that I haven't been writing or reviewing for ages, but I intend to stop this new trend by posting my latest song which *shock horror* I actually wrote some music to! *gasp* So NEW in is Glass Rose. Please R+R as I really like this song, mostly because of the music but hey, maybe you'd enjoy the lyrics! Currently I'm doing alot of drawing for my new idea for a manga that I'm hoping to write (about werewolves and vampires who just happen to be extremely hot XD lol) but I think that might just be me trying to put off editing Dream Thieves. Oh and by the way, I'm thinking of changing the title to: "Where Dreamers Idly Come", any thoughts on that from those who read the start would be gratefully received. ...Wow, I wrote alot for only posting one new thing XD. Enjoy all!

It seems somewhat cheating to call these things new, seeing as I did them quite a long time ago = new in isthe prologue of my latest literate endeavour - Murder by Numbers. Maybe you can tell that this is heavily inspired by Dan Brown and his most amazing The Da Vinci Code and I hope my German is okay, I apologise most profusely if it's not. Alsonew is Breath in my Ear, a song that speaks of pain and suffering and all those lovely angsty emotions that I love to write about so much. And finally is thenewAutumn Leaves, which was inspired by a black and white image of a grave surrounded by crinkled leaves.

Some more stuff for you guys: Mirror Image - a nice little poem which sort of has no meaning but impacted me so much so that I had to put it on fp. Same thing goes for Instinct which is just a couple of lines actually, scarily for me all of these new ones are short... where oh where has my literate diarrheoa gone?Another poemis Weak Armour agian about that annoying bloke who I still like despite every bit of logic in my head, and From the Eye of the Spider which is myone of my favouritepoems and was inspired by the title. I was thinking of writing another book titled with that (I finished Dream Thieves recently for all those interested) but figured that a poem was much easier and quicker to do and came out very nicely so I'm very happy about that!

The best poem I have ever ever written has to be She. I love it sooooooo much and am really proud of it, so please have a read and see what you think. And please tell me if I categorised it wrong because it doesn't really fit into anything and I don't know where it should really go. Along the same lines is Left which is also one of my favourite poems. It is very similar to She, but very different at the same timeI hope I didn't confuse you too much there...:S Anyways please read+review! Another recent poem that I really like is Denied. I like the way that I haven't given what it is about at the start, you'll have to figure it out.

Another one of my favourite poems is My Forest. For some reason it sounds so great read in a really childish voice, and it's different to my other poems. I was inspired by a picture I thought about painting but never managed it. It was a picture of a girl painting trees but they were turning into skyscrapers. It really touched me, even though I came up with it, which was kinda wierd. Oh well, I'm also proud of Apologies of a Flawless Angel because of the way it flows. I like repitition far too much I swear XD. Please R+R

My favourite songs I have ever written are Demon Eyes and Silent Statement. Demon Eyes is actually about someone who I really know and love, although he doesn't know of course. So if you want to check out some of my songs those ones are the best. Please can SOMEONE read and review Silent Statement because it is just sitting there waiting to be read and no one will read it!!!!!!!!! grrr so unfair. It is one of my favourite songs so pleeeeeeeaaaaase I'm begging you! Thnx to Pure Grace who actually did reacd it!!! YAYYY I have a friend! :D Also it would be interesting to see what you guys make of Mythridill which is written about a character from Dream Thieves like Rivan. Also please please please could you read Rocket which I really like, but can't really explain why. Hmm... oh well, please R+R! I'm actually begging on my knees! XD

I write a lot of political songs but seeing as there is no 'political' category I cannot tell you so, but Knee Jerk, Silent Statement, War Against War, Puppet Show on a Music Box and to some extent Concrete and Flag of England are all political. I feel very strongly about them, and want to know what you guys think of them so please R+R some of the titles I have listed (if you are interested in that sort of thing). Thanks! Another politcal poem is Petrol Fumes about Global Warming... R+R please!

I don't do much comedy, but I love my poem Cookies. It is unsurprisingly all about cookies, but with a little bit of a twist. It does go on for ages, but I laughed a lot whilst writing it, and I hope that it brings a smile to your day! :P I recently added Invisible which is a little of a lot of a laugh, and I wrote it in year six... so long ago... XD However, I hope that despite its age it will keep you entertained for the few minutes it takes to read it. I recently did another poem in the same style but about our hypocritical parents,so here for your enjoymentis Lies.

Also in is Imagination (just some random lines), Hurt me, Heal me which has a new-for-me mirror pattern. Hopefully it has the effect I wanted it to. Also is my VERY FIRST HAIKU!!! about WW1 and called Their Names Shall Live Forever because that is what's written on all the mass graves. And finally, a more personal and private grave, is Yesterday. I wrote this poem on the way home from my Granddad's funeral in Somerset and the page I wrote it on is still stained with my tears. How my Nan coped is beyond me, but she is such an amazing woman, and even with two fake hips and constant pain is DRIVING!!! I love my Nan.

More newish stuff: Behind Prison Doors a poem which is about a rather delicate matter (hence the M rating), Sunken Ship a cool little punk rock song about relationships, and Suffocating Sin and Bound to the Grave both about love and life after death.

Hmm... me...

Kind of boring subject but anywho, I'll see what I can do with it XD! I'm now 14 years old, shock horror! And unsurprisingly I am a girl. I love reading and writing to bits - obviously - and spend most of my money on books rather than clothes or stuff normal people would buy. I often just come home from school and sit on my bed reading for about five hours before I have to eat and then go back up to read! Sometimes the worlds in the books I read and write seem more real than the life I lead, and I am a bit of a daydreamer.

The list of my favourite books should be endless because there are so many that I love. But that would be boring so here's a shorter list:

'His Dark Materials Trilogy' - By Philip Pullman. I loved this trilogy so much that I read each book within a matter of days, and got really frustrated when the library didn't have any copies of the last one (I was too skint to actually go out and buy them myself...again...). I love Philip Pullman's style of writing, and reading so much about daemons made me want my own! :D

'Harry Potter' - By J.K Rowling (do I even need to tell you?). Of course this was going to crop up, because it's just soooooo massive and sooooo amazing. Rowling's style is phenomenal, I've never read anything like her books. I often read all of the books so far back to back in about a week and at the end I feel really upset because I feel almost like I've lost a whole hoard of friends!

'Artemis Fowl' - By ridiculously unpronouncable Eoin Colfer. Colfer is great because his writing focuses so much on characters. Artemis Fowl - every single book - is filled with bright and vibrant characters, and they all seem so real! Colfer has inspired me a lot, as has everyone on this list really so that was kind of a pointless thing to say... but what the hey!

'The Wind on Fire Trilogy' - By William Nicholson. This guy was previously a tv and filmproducer and did Gladiator! So maybe that's why his writing style focuses so much on action and movement. He's also been a great inspiration as his style is also very unique.

'Waterborn- By Greg Keyes. This is a one part epic fantasy which you don't get that often so is quite unique in that way. It is really amazing and with some really unpronouncable names but is written so elegantly that it is almost poetic. Some of his metaphors and similes are so amazing, and of course his imagination is wonderful too. The gods and goddesses he has in this book are really amazing, and I was hooked after reading the first paragraph, which is pretty impressive. :D

My life is very much governed by music, and if I never kick it off as an author being a musician wouldn't be too bad XD. Again, the list of favourite bands could go on forever but five is a nice number so I'll just give you my top five. In no apperent order because my favourite is actually at the bottom (confusing) here they are:

'System of a Down' - Politic genius in the lyrics, musical genius in the instruments, and vocal genius in the form of Surj. What could be better?

'Blink 182' - Fun and crazy, with great videos and a tendency to laugh at themselves alot alot.

'Green Day' - Love them to little green pieces! And if you think they've sold out, you are WRONG! WRONG I tell you! XD

'Trivium' - You may have heard bands that shout, or yell... Trivium ROAR! And the guitar and drum parts are sooooo fast it's unbelievable.

'Muse' - These are my FAVOURITE ever band. My inspiration for so much and so long, how could I have put other bands on top? *pleas for forgiveness to band members* But anyways...how to describe Muse? Methinks AMAZING would fit it. Yep amazing fits :D.

Also I like My Chemical Romance, H.I.M, Bullet for My Valentine, Dragonforce, Lifehouse, EMF, Nirvana, Placebo, Nickleback, Foo Fighters, Good Charlotte, Alkaline Trio, Franz Ferdinand, Jamiroquai, Level 42, Kate Bush, Gorillaz, Avril Lavigne and Slipknot. And many more that I probably should have mentioned but forgotted. Oh yeah, and Excido one of my sister's friend's band.

At the moment my favourite song is 'Once Upon A Time: The Battle of Life and Death' by Good Charlotte and if Dream Thieves is ever going to be turned into a film, then this would so be on the soundtrack. Along with the 'Intro' from Bullet For My Valentine.

Well that's alot about boring ol' me, and by now you might have managed to realise that I am completely mental. Although I write a lot of depressing stuff in my songs I have a great and happy life and spend most of my time smiling. Maybe I get out all the bad feelings by writing about them. Maybe I'm just wierd. Probably the latter is right, but I like to think that my writing helps me cope. Without it I'd probably be a bored hermit, living in a pile of chocolate wrappers.
I hope you at least enjoy reading my work, if you can be bothered to read anything else after reading the massive amount I randomly decided to write up there ^ , and if you do please comment to tell me you did. A little encouragement goes a long long way.

And if you don't enjoy what I write, comment anyway and tell me what I need to improve on. Anything will be appreciated! :D

Hope to hear from you all,

Isis xxx

P.S If you like my work then you'll probably like my sis' work too. She's older, better, and has done a lot more, so I'll recommend her to everyone! I think she's a genius: www.fictionpress.com/~swiftravenwood
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