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my name is alexandria, i'm nineteen years old, and i'm a first year statistics major. i have a bit of an aversion to the shift key. call me lazy or eccentric, but i don't like making certain letters more important than the others (especially in the word "i").

i hope to improve my writing. in that spirit, even though i'm not entirely proud of some (okay, most) of the stuff i've published previously, i haven't deleted it because it's important to me to be able to remind myself not only where i've come from as an author, but also where my writing might be in a few years. (in other words, in a few years, i might look back at what i'm posting now and bang my head on the keyboard ;) )

my favorite authors are j.r.r. tolkien, ray bradbury, robert frost, and tennessee williams. i'm truly in awe of them.

i love "mr. moto" (joe). he marches. a lot. i am well aware that this is four years old, but i am so enamored with it. :)

my homepage link will direct you to my livejournal. most of it is friends only, but i do have some weird fun random discussions up there about my "random" words. just in case you're bored.

i love- life. writing. God. music. staying up long after 0:00, then sleeping until noon. poetry. art. chalk. theatre. film. the letter x. passion. bewitching hour. you.

"you must stay drunk on your writing so reality does not destroy you." -ray bradbury

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