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In the moonlight I found your heart

Quiver like a bowstrings bows

In the moons fair light you looked at me

Nobody knows your heart

When the sun has gone

I see you

Beautiful and haunting

But cold

Like the pain of a knife

So sharp and so sweet

Nobody knows your heart

Full of your sorrow

Grief and pain

Locked away in the forest of the night

Your secret heart belongs to the world

Of the things that sigh in the Dark

Of the things that cry in the Dark

~Princess Mononoke~

My name is Colleen

I'm fourteen

I love to write but I don't tend to finish anything

I have one story already planned out

I have another story that I've had in mind since sixth grade

And another that I've had for over five years.

I love reviews, and I feel great to get them.

I'm a somewhat estranged girl, but I love it.

I'm generally friendly and harmless :

That's pretty much it

Oh! And I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin

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