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Hi everbody hows it going?

well thats just great is an't it?

ok about me well i am an Australian and prode to be.

I have been writing since i was young but just geting into itnow.

I am in year 12 doing my HSC yay : /

likes:music, writing, science, my crazy friends, movie, anime(all(not the bad stuff you know what i mean) ,invader zim(gir :i'm going to sing the doom song), the grim aventures of billy and mandy (billy is the collest),any other kool cazey stuff i find (homestar Runner and happy tree friends) and the environment got to love that environment exept the evil cazey gerbiles of DOOM...

any who.. i am just a normal teenager in a deprssive state and a happens to own a pen

so i hope you enjoy my stuff and please reviwe and i will to

dislike: mean people (i don't care i you think my peoms are bad plase reviwe and i will try to contact you to change it but please if you do say somthing bad try to put a happy spin to it)

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