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About me: I love to read.

10/4/2017: Been writing here and there, more for venting than anything remotely coherent and structured. I've noticed I'm a lot less addicted to FP than when I first registered 10 years ago. It's been a long journey.

Just for kicks I went through my favorites list, past reviews and alerts. Felt incredibly nostalgic- so many stories, each moment in my life has a FP story or chapter attached to it be it good, distressing or routine. So many wonderful writers on here, I feel very much privileged to have had access to the inner workings of their minds.

7/19/2016: I haven't been writing anything for a long while. I don't think I'll be posting anything any time soon.

5/29/2015: I just posted an essay of sorts but I'm sorry to say that posts will still be few and far between. Constructive criticism is very much appreciated. =)

1/23/2014: Important Note to All: When I do review your story, I mean every single thing in there. Also, if I do review please don't feel like you owe me or something and go on and R&R my story. You don't owe me. I read your fics because I want to. :D I hope you read mine for the same reason(s). =D In fact, don't read my stories from 2007. They're horrible.

Please note that I have not posted a story in years, my first stories are horrible. I'm sorry for any excruciating pain my fics may cause but to be fair, I have warned you they lack substance. :D

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