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haha um hello ppl... you want to know about me izzit? oh ok... if you dont then why are you staring into my profile ah. anyway, i never reveal my real name online, so you can call me Amber. if you dont want to call me that, fine, call me Person. i think i qualify for that name. i think. yaaarh. haha. now more about me. i like manga, anime, fantasy, books, movies, being with my friends, i love my imagination and craziness mwahahaha...

ahem. well. yeah. and dont talk to me about mathematics. what clown invented algebra and geometry should be eternally prey to the monster he created.

as you can see, i'm raving again. i emphasise the word again. i do it more and more often these days. haiz.

oh well. never mind that. i am CRAZEH. and loving it, lol. another fact that expresses my insanity. mwahaha. well, see ya ppl. hope you like-well- whatever you want to like. haha.

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