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Plaigerism is the Devil.

Don't do it!

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Free Fall - Follow Francis 'Franky' Gerbeck as she discovers that she can't run from Fate. Her best friend Brant, well, her only friend to be perfectly honest, has tried to delay the inevitable. But drugs and therapy aren't going to help Franky anymore. And that is going to mean her life is going to go in one of two directions. And neither of those paths include Brant if Francis has her way. Review and Remember to check for updates!

Current Reader DARE!

When one chapter gets ten reviews before I update - I will post one of my poems on Fictionpress for everyone to read. It will be a previously posted poem that I took down when Fictionpress had a particularly nasty string of plagiarizers. This will be an ongoing dare until I can think of a Truth contest that will be equally delightful as a challenge to my muse!


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