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I am a girl who was born 23 years ago (Gah! I'm so old! When I first wrote this profile, I was 17!).

Unfortunately, no great comets hit the earth, nor did the rivers run red with blood to announce the coming of such a person as myself. Alas, I'll just have to prove my greatness in other ways.

I am a girl who can operate chopsticks successfully. I am a girl who can read Tarot cards and divine the future using water and candle wax. I am a girl of impressive stature who has a remarkably loud voice when I choose to use it. I am a girl who is determined to kick ass at Dance Dance Revolution. If you're a psychotic stalker, you should know that my favorite music artists include The Dresden Dolls, Freezepop, Tori Amos, Rasputina, System of a Down, Aphex Twin, Poe, Danny Elfman, and most Hindi techno artists.

You should also know that my favorite painters include J.W. Waterhouse, Max Ernst, Jean Delville, and all those yummy pre-raph artists out there. You shouldn't know that I am rather shy around those of my age group and that I rarely get enough calcium. My favorite show is Heroes. My favorite cooking show is Iron Chef. My favorite authors are Neil Gaiman, Christopher Moore, Stephanie Meyer, Holly Black, Tamora Pierce, and many many others. My favorite vegetable is squash (the yellow kind). If you need to know anything more about me, I suggest you read some of my stories. I put a lot of myself into them and you'll probably get to know me the best by reading them.

...Except, I should probably mention at this time that I am not a cannibal, despite my numerous stories about the subject. I just think it's interesting, okay? I have absolutely no desire to consume my fellow humans in a fit of psychotic rage.

glances around the room to ensure that she's alone

Mmmmm, babies!

...Oops. Was that out loud?

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