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All of this is two years old and outdated; some of it is no longer even true. You can find my new account is at www.fictionpress.com/~durak.

I'm keeping this up... for now, just because. I'll probably take it down sometime in the near future.


Oh, this is going to be fun.

So, I'm a homo sapien dwelling on the planet Earth where I do a variety of things, including eating, sleeping, and existing. Among other things, I particulary enjoy breathing.

Furthermore, I enjoy writing. That's why I am lifeless enough to write internet fiction. But that's besides the point. Comedy is teh roxxors and so is anything well-written, be it tragedy, action, adventure, or papaya flavored.

I like to read a lot, play videogames, sports like football, wrestling, and horseriding, and all the other plethora of things I do to avoid dying of sheer boredom.

The One and Only,

Irish Penguin

Further, Random Junk

Likes: Life, the Universe, and Everything. I mean that quite literally, with only a few notable exceptions, namely: rap, needles, and writer's block.

Dislikes: Rap, needles, and writer's block. Also people who think they know what they're talking about. They are, without question, the single most annoying thing on earth.

Favorite Authors:

Douglas Adams, the comic genius from whom I derive much of my rambling, somewhat British humor

Brian Jacques, who wrote the Redwall series

J.K. Rowling, because she wrote some books about a boy with glasses. I dunno.They were pretty good.

J.R.R. Tolkien because he wrote a funny book about short guys with a ring. I think they were trying to get married or something.

Various writers of Star Wars books

Eoin Colfer for Artemis Fowl and The Supernaturalist

Robert Jordan, even though the man is probably single-handedly killing the rainforest by refusing to write a book under 700 pages long.

T.A. Barron, most notably for The Lost Years of Merlin series. I recently picked up The Great Tree of Avalon but it was depressingly cliched.

Robert Comier, especially for I Am the Cheese and The Chocolate War because they're the only two I've read.

C.S. Lewis for being a genius (and his best work "Mere Christianity"

Anyone else I'm too lazy to remember.

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