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Honestly, I'm only here for my own reasons. I don't know why I post the stories I do but it's better than my fan fiction (Which isn't saying much). I guess the old dusty musings are just lonely and tired of being read by only myself. Not all of the things I want will be posted. My friends know my account name so that's my only reason. I guess I don't want them to think less of me, so I'm sorry for not giving 100 in my writing.

Information about myself:

Name: Rana
Nickname: Ronnie
Addictions: Manga (more specifically Saiyuki), Anime, Drawing, Dance Dance Revolution, Pocky and other Japanese snack food, Raman and energy drinks, Music (Mostly metal & J-Rock/Pop), Anime plushies, the Internet, and coffee

Other sites I'm on:
http://www.Fanfiction.net (User name is KnightRose)
http:// (User name is _KnightFoxx_)
http:// (User name is _KnightFoxx_)
http:// (User name is froge27 but rarely do I visit it anymore)

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