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Joined Mar '06
My name is Max

My faviote food is blueberry pie

My faviote color is green

And I'm not a racist

I hope you enjoy my writings. I say I'm not a racist becuase I write certain things that are in the grey areas of america. I'm a bad speller and My grammer skills are. Well they suck to but I hope you enjoy my writings. I'm a good sport about a lot of stuff so just tell me what you think of my stories. Thanks.

I'm sorry if I have affended anyone with Asians, Blacks, and Mexicans. I have removed it, and are now writing a new stroy without bad words and dramtic statments.

I hope you enjoy TheSnack War

Stuff to come: From X to Dominace ch 3 and 4, The Snack War ch 2 and maybe 3, Radio

I posted something new. I wont be back for 3 weeks strating June 13. I will return July 2nd. I wish all a safe summer, and when I return I will have The Snack War ch 2 done and Ch 2 of everthing else. I thank all for the wonderful reviews. Thank you.

Stuffing at Thanksgiving Ch 1 and Ch 2 will be on today. I think. I hope you enjoy this, cause if its good enough I'm strongly thinking of having it turned into a screenplay, so I have high hopes that this will be my first epic story. Read and Review please. I'll return the favor.

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