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Lost my security.

Lost my dignity.

Lost my mind.

Still living.

Story Quotes:

“Avery Susan Sanders, I must agree with you.” Avery gaped at him and he continued. “But what Ass is complete without its Jack?” he asked. Then, he kissed her.

-Avery Susan Sanders is not an Ass by Justice Bana

“I think it’s done now,” I said, turning the stove off and examining it, noticing the hot liquid starting to boil slightly. “What do you think?”

He was quiet at first before finally answering. “I think you’re very cute.”

“Not about me.” Though I couldn’t help but smile appreciatively at him. “You know what I’m talking about.”

“Well, you asked me what I thought, so I assumed that could have been anything. And right now that’s exactly what I was thinking. You’re very cute and I love you.”

I practically melted at this, my smile growing wider as I looked over at him, our eyes meeting. I guess I never realized it before, but I loved how he always came out of nowhere to say things like that toward me. Telling me he loved me when I least expected it somehow made me adore him even more.

-Right Here In My Arms by EndlessDark66

"Maybe because I had imagined our first kiss would have either a: followed his confession of him liking me or b: be followed by his confession of liking me. Neither had happened..."

-Addicted to You by anonymous reality

I know technically there are only five of them but when they’re all together in a clump it seems like there are millions of the buggers. There’s always one in the loo, another rifling through the fridge, two having a ridiculous argument, another three or so challenging each other to a drinking competition and at least ten others doing something they’re not supposed to. Yes, I know that it is not strictly possible but it damn well seems like it.


“Drive safe!” I called out to Matt as his car roared into life.

“I always do!” He yelled back before, with a great squealing of tyres, they disappeared off into the gathering gloom.

Why is it that boys get words like ‘always’ and ‘never’ confused?

-So Much to Learn by Star123

McFadden raised his own eyebrows back at me. “Do you like him?”

“They went on a date last Friday,” Leslie interjected, also raising her eyebrows. What was this? An eyebrow-raising party? Some party. What a dud.

-Fateful Friday by DancingChaChaFruit

"Dear God. I know I haven’t been to good over the past… seventeen years, but come on, you have to understand! Don’t let him kill me, don’t let him torture me! I’ll bake him cakes of love and happiness! Remember how you’re so cool? This could make you even cooler! Amen."

-Not So Crash Hot by rosieroo

"Lloyd made himself known. “You’ve met this muffin?” he asked me."


"I scratched my head. “So. . . you were getting your jollies in the middle of the livingroom?”

He defensively stated, “I was waiting up for you.”

“This is getting awkward. . .”

He shot me an annoyed look. “You’re making it weird.”"

-The Parting Exchange by Bleeding Air

"I was in the neighborhood and I figured I'd kill two birds with one stone."

"They why is he here?" I nodded my head in Trick's direction.

"Then I figured 'why kill two when you could kill three?'"

"So why are you stoning birds, Jak?" Trick asked."

-Trick by Skylar A. Moore

"I gave him a playful little whack. I liked that I could drop literary references into my conversation with Kurt and he’d actually understand what I was talking about.

However, I disliked being likened to a dictator pig.

Nobody likes that."


"A thought suddenly popped up in my intoxicated cranium. “Why are you here?”

He must be Superman. He knew I was in trouble and came to save me! I’ll bet I’m really Lois Lane. Mutti is so silly for never telling me that!"

-Six Weeks With Satan by woodstock1969

"Honestly, I’m in high school. I’m a teenager. I want to have fun. He’s cute. If he wants to use me, by God I’ll let him."

-December Heroes and Schoolyard Ghosts by cup of glee and sparkles

"I’d have to bleach my skin or something, and from then on it’s a steep, slippery slope to Neverland, if you know what I mean."

-Out of Bounds by Zebbie

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