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Woohoo! I just got into Cambridge. Sorry, this is a completely irrelevant piece of informaiton for everyone but me. Still. So that means my biography becomes;

I'm a future Petrean medic, I'm 18 and I'm currently an intern at Reuters S.A. in Geneva.

Wow. Fascinating stuff. Not. Anyway.

Other accounts of fictionpress: www.fictionpress.com~eleri (but all the stuff on here is quite old and never updated...)

Stories posted:

Breaking Family Ties: Chapter five up 20/4

Babysitter: Sorry about this one. I haven't abandoned it, I swear, it's just taking me a while to find time to work on it. I promise to get a chapter up before I leave for New Yealand at the end of this month though, so not too long to go.

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