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I love writing but nothing will come out of it. Ironically, I want to be an author or playwright before I die. Then relax in the ways of Drama/English teaching. Yet, I've never finished a story with more than a chapter in it. Quite depressing when I think about it...

I'm still developing Roses, my actual chaptered story, though it's a slow process. I am just as surprised as anyone as to what is being told after I'm done writing a chapter. The story controls me, not the other way around. So, I'm trying my hardest to finish it and edit it. But Roses decides just what is written and when it will be. So if you're a fan of it just hold on.

Anyways, if you happen by...read a story, drop a comment if you wish. I'll return the favor most gladly.

Good day to you, my fellow writers and fiction lovers.

Sub Rosa Vehement: intense emotions kept in secret or confidentiality.

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