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Well, I guess I can give you alittle info on me. Well, here you go.

Shawna Payne



Pageland, SC

blonde hair(now anyway)

brown eyes

As for music, I am the most rock music loving girl you will ever meet in all your life. I mostly listen to what they call Alternative. The new age one. Not the way back when.

I love animals! Mostly my dog Jazmine.

I mostly write Tragedy and Romance. Hey, everyone likes alittle bit of love. And you might think I'm weird, but I focus mostly on pain and misery, because that is all I've known. Not to sound like a total closet case.

My hobbies include: writting, reading, comuter stuff, hanging with friends and spending time with my boyfriend Ricky. That's were the romance stuff comes from. My ex-boyfriend in my reason for writing tragedy. That was all he was and I was astupid girl too.

I've learned my lesson.

Well, that's it. If you want to know more, just ask. I promise I don't bite.

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