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I welcome you with extended arm

into the black where stars do dangle

Where none can do you harm

~Excerpt from “The Reaper”

I'm back from a long, uneventful sleep and ready to take on the world with just my pen and bagpipes! GRR!!!

Okay, a little about me and what I write. I've had writer's block for about a year now, but I'm slowly coming out of it, or so it seems. I'm a sucker for romance. I usually concentrate a lot more on characters and their developement rather than the scene that they're in. It's one of my flaws, I guess. My poetry is just my reprieve from stories. It's about whatever I'm feeling at the time.

Both Paragon and TS are on hold right now. If you want to read Tainted Senses, just go to my old profile.

NEW STORY! "Our Skies are Red" has a crappy title, but I'm enjoying writing it, so maybe you'll enjoy reading it? Please?

I'm fifteen, female, and a sophomore in an uneventful town. Also very antisocial. Go me.

As far as what I like to read...pretty much anything that's just well written.

My music list is too long to write here. For starters, I like System of a Down, Emilie Autumn, Within Temptation, Bjork, MCR, A Perfect Circle, and things like that. Currently I've been listening to a few songs by Imogen Heap, Patrick Watson, and Flogging Molly, and have enjoyed them much.

Likes: Coke, A good book, art class, interesting people, random information that I will never need, cats, chai, the homeless, karate class, intelligent conversation, blank sketchbooks (they call to me), big scary trees, and creepy dolls. And..and twins! Sorry, I couldn't resist.

!!Hates!!: Pepsi, A weak handshake, most of what is on TV, ski lifts, whiners, badly written math books, pleather, when memory cards magically erase themselves, country and rap music, when I'm asked if I'm goth, and calling people. If you know me and you are reading this, don't even try to get me to call you back. It just never happens, okie-day?

My other account is htttp://www.fictionpress.com/~venusvadore

I do whatever the fortune cookies tell me to...

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