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Eldarwen Telrunya
Joined Apr '06

Hey Everyone! This is Shelly Baldwin (Eldarwen Telrunya) speaking.

Let me tell you some things about me:




Height:4 foot 11 inches. i'm a true Hobbit.

Brief Description:I'm a total band geek who loves to read. I'm a LOTR (Lord of the Rings) dork. Writing is one of the ways i use to excape all the drama crap that life has to offer. i want to write as my career, so when you are reading my story go ahead and critize it. sometimes i redo like a whole chapter, cause i don't like it. my grammer and spelling is terrible but it will get there eventually.

Recent Movie that i saw:PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN 2, Johnny is so hot.

Things that i hate:Cleaning my room, guys my age being totally perverted and stupid, and perfectionists (Everyone makes mistakes)

Well i love you all, if you want to ask questions contact me at

Everyone, i'm looking for suggestions for a new name for the horse that Lavana rides. The name that i have now is too LOTRish, i would love you if you could help. his original name is Shadow Fame.

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