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Hey everyone!!!

Name-Shay/Juliet. Hobbies- sports, writing, ACTING, dancing, singin, water-skiing, hangin out with my friends! and nething and everything...poetry is a passion of mine and I want to be great at it..i've had a couple published and Ill take ne critisim that'll help! God Bless ya'll! keep on keepin on! Feel free to im/email me netime..i love meetin new ppl lol

I'd like to think all thosewho review and even just read my work...it means alot to me when ya'll tell me if ya liked it or not. thxz for takin your time to tell me! i love you all even if i don't know you lol take care!

music is a big thang to me and i love panic at the disco check out their website sometime - http://";" target="new"http://"

chex out my myspace its.. http:///fantagal "/fantagal if u got a myspace add me asa friend if ya want! much love!!

I'm a southern gal and i love the sun lol but snow rocks i hardly get to see it but ya know how it flows well i guess i'll shut up now lol bye ya'll!

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