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Hey Everybody! This is my profile (just in case your wondering!). Haha! Anyway first and foremost I would like to apologize to anyone who I may have insulted when I have reviewed their writings. The truth is tough and to read it is harder. Have any complaints feel free to message me. So let me stop boring you and share a little about myself:

Personality- The perfect example of an Aquarius. Otherwise I am mischievous, unconventional, and attention-loving (to be honest).

Favorite color- Icy blue (like my eyes...yeah a bit of an ego)

Hobbies- soccer, reading, writing, magic tricks

Favorite movie- Pirates of the Carribean all the way (Numbers 1, 2, and 3. People who don't like the three are not true fans. Haha)

Anything that I post cannot be stolen due to the fact that it has already been published. I post writing for feedback only as this website was designed for. I might be a bit paranoid but it has happened once and I would rather not have the same incident happen again; hence the precautions.

Anyway, thanks for bothering to look through this bio. Hopefully you've enjoyed the manner that I try to fit myself into some neat cliches. Truth is, I'll probably contradict everything that I've said about myself at some point or other, so the idea of trying to explain was pointless to say the least.

With any luck, you guys will like what I've written.

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