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pfeiffer PM
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A phone-monkey that sees no promising direction in life as of this writing but is eternally hopeful for something better.

A reader of anything that catches my interest.

Everything in life, I believe is a series of trade-off's, but sometimes we still end up cheated from what we rightfully deserve.

Essentially dependent on life's simple pleasures.

I write for the enjoyment of creating something that could hopefully catch other people's attention.

I used to be a sucker for romance but I've long since realized that romance just isn't my thing.

Of course I would want to eventually have someone to share my life with.

Obviously, that guy hasn't been born yet, otherwise I would be happily ensconed in his arms this very moment.

Under all this melodramatic crap that life brings, would I ever get to know what happiness means?

Uncover my personality - something that nobody has been able to fully comprehend, myself included.


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