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LateDawnsAndEarlySunsets PM
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About Me
(sarcastic whoo hoo!)
Name: Um, call me by my pen name. If not, then a shortened variation of it. Ooh, I have a kind of cute one! How about Dawset? It reminds me of a puppy name, hehe.
Birth date: No one needs to know...
Country: USA
Likes: Cloudy/rainy days, the color blue, isolation, watching the news, My Chemical Romance, Angels and Airwaves, The Birthday Massacre, my black cat, the ocean, Autumn, Gilmore Girls, my room, old horror films (so fun, hehe), Ireland, the internet, drawing, sleeping, leisurely walks...
Dislikes: Too many things to list...
My current thoughts: I'm scared to fail. And, to me, failing is anything short of perfection. But though no one else gets everything perfect all of the time, it still seems like they completely succeed...
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