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lux in tenebris
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Lux in tenebris. A light in the darkness.

. . .M Y . f a v o r i t e . q u o t e s . . .

It matters not

If the world has heard

Or approves or understands

The only applause

We're meant to seek

Is that of nail-scarred hands

B. J. Hoff

Most men seem to believe there's power in guns or in great weather or in politics. It seems to me, though, that the real power of a people- of an entire country, if you will- is in what they read. Books, the press. These are the things that change people's minds... even their lives.

~Kristen Heitzmann

We throw open our doors to God and discover at the same moment that He has already thrown open His doors to us. We find ourselves standing where we always hoped we might stand.

~The Bible, Romans 5.2, The Message Translation

Do not forget to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unaware.

~The Bible, Hebrews 13.2, King James Version

. . . S O M E . r a n d o m . s t u f f A B O U T. m e . . .

i enjoy playing the piano or music in general, books, plots with twists that leave you sitting on the edge of the seat and skimming ahead to see what happens, sweet music (a few examples of which are: DC Talk, Thousand Foot Krutch, Audio Adrenaline, Newsboys, Casting Crowns, etc.), really nice people, Italian food, laughing, writing, sleeping, meeting new people, hiking, really funny humor, writing endless emails to my friends, and rainy or snowy days.

i dislike people that aren't open to new ideas, stereotypes, the f-bomb (or swear words in general), especially when used as a verb, trends and fads, when people put others down, lame comments, when people mix up 'they're', 'their' and 'there' or bad grammar altogether, spiders in my basement or just bugs in general (yes, even lady bugs).

. . . M Y . w r i t i n g . . .

I mostly enjoy writing fiction, but I've tried going the poetry route. And you all should be grateful I didn't post any of that on Fictionpress. I've been writing since I was nine, but I've only put up my latest book, also for which most everybody should be thankful. I am currently working on another book that should be much better than the one I've been posting lately, since I've improved greatly with everybody's encouragement here on Fictionpress. I'm also working on a few short stories, but I can't say when those will be finished and ready to post.

. . . w h a t . i s . Y E T . t o . c o m e . . .

. gl e n . E c h o.

Horror story (with just a dash of romance)! Angela Oakridge receives a letter in the mail from her aunt, informing her that her uncle, whom she used to be very close with, has passed away. Along with her, a close family friend, Reed Haywood has also been informed and invited to stay at her aunt's house up in the mountains. However, on their way up the mountain pass, they find that their road has been closed for construction and are forced to take a detour... a detour that will take them right past a small town called Glen Echo... and thus the adventure begins.

. . . T h e S e c r e t o f S o l o m o n

It started with a devastating fire and questions the police couldn't... or wouldn't... answer. Jesse Harrison was quickly swept into another life, far away from everything he knew, away from his best friend and the place where his parents had spent their last moments.

Years later, Jesse returns to the place of his childhood to satisfy the questions that have been plaguing him in the form of nightmares for years.

Only when another fire leaves two children without parents does he realize that his suspicions about his parents' death could be right- the details of the new fire look too familiar to possibly be coincidence.

With the help of the friend he lost so long ago and an investigator from New York, what Jesse finds might lead to much more than discovering what really happened the night of his parents' death a decade ago... the results could be more ground-shaking than he'd ever cared to think.

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