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10-20-10 It's been 3 years since I've actually done anything with this. I'm sorry. I've had a stack up of stories that I've refused to post, so many edits on already posted things, and deleted crap that I suddenly realized was, you thought it, crap. However, I'll be posting under a new name. It'll be something fresh, something new. It'll be worth it. Not sure what I'm going to do with this, as I dislike this account. It was so back then, when I'm trying to be completely right now. :/ Thus, new account. I'll post up the link after a bit, just to clear any confusion.

10-30-07 MY GAWD. It has been a WHILE. I'm tearing down a few things, and I finally have changed my profile. I WILL be updating soon. Watch for that. Thx to all of you. =3

5-21-07 Everything up is on HIATUS until further notice. I have so many exams coming up, and other crap that I don't need, that there is just no time to do anything else. I'm sorry to my very few readers that care.

5-21-07 Changed my penname from The Angel Demon to Tragic and Devastated. The TAD will forever stay though.

5-07-07 Put up the one shot Touch the Sky - Dedicated to my friend Mariah.

5-04-07 Might be posting a new story… called Drowning in Fire/Saying Sorry.

5-02-07 Updated Fallen. Chapters 9 and 10 up.

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