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Hey all!

Since I started a story I might as well write a profile.

I just started writing this story and it's my first one so please give it a go and review!

Name: Sofi

I'm from Australia, student, loves food.

I love playing sports, cooking, reading, shopping

My stories:

All you had to do was Ask: Summer Inlet and Trent Rivers go to the same boarding school, yet they have never noticed each other let alone talk to each other. But then on a chance encounter they meet at a supermarket. From then on they just keep bumping into each other. It's impossible to not fall in love when fate decides to drag you together. However, they are not in for a smooth ride, there are many bumps along the way, cheating, long distances, death and comas lie in wait for the two.

Selflessly Waiting For You: She watches him from afar, knowing that he will never be hers. He is envied by all mankind for having the perfect example of beauty and brains as his girlfriend, whom is also her sister. All her life she has been rejected by her family and the media. As far as they were concerned she was just a family ruiner. Her love life wasn't any better either, she failed two consecutive relationships. However, she keeps on going forward, trying to prove to her family that she is worth their affection. Along the way she meets up with her first love. A flame she thought was blown out when she left for Paris. But he is her soon to be brother in - law... How do you deal with this Forbidden Love?

Give it a go! You won't regret it!

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