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I've been thinking up stories ever since I can remember, although this is the first time I've seriously put it into writing. So please, if anyone thinks I need improvement in any area of my writing, don't hesitate to tell me.

To those who actually read my stories, please tell me what you think. Constructive criticism is welcome. :) And if you like them... well, all the better.

So, enjoy.


HELLO WORLD! I'm back... well, kind of... with a re-write of Candy King. By the way, guys, please read it. It's somewhat different from the original, hopefully better, and if you start from where I ended the first draft you may not get the story at all. I made a lot of major changes... good ones, I think. There were so many loopholes in the first draft that I had to fix.


If you guys are wondering why I took Siphoned Dementia down, it's because I decided to put another story up before I continue with that one... which I can hopefully put up soon. :)) Anyway.


LOOKIE!! It's ROYCE FANART!! Thanks so much to Chris Rhyanne for this pic!


More Royce fanart! This one is from ShadowWraith555, or raiu-chan on deviantart. Thank you so much!!



Okay. So I realized that I left CK hanging when I got an email that said that someone favorited the story -- I'm so sorry about that! I promise that if and when I do post CK, it'll be when I finish it completely. That goes for the other stories. I definitely want to revisit all of them if I can, but when I have more free time. :) sorry again peeps!

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