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My name is Stephen(steven) im a senor inhigh new to poetry, but not towriting, and have no eye for it, so if you read something of mine, please review.i like to read, write, martial arts(kendo, iaido, kempo, jujitsu, judo,aikido, hapkido, tae kwan do, karate, and jeet kun do, archery) i have some degree in all of these. i aslo like to meditate for extended periods of time, listen to natural sounds, play with my dog, hang out with friends, unforunatly, play runescape. i like manga and anime(manga more) mainly naruto, kenshin, knights of the zodiac, among others. i aslo like theology and philosophy(?) i like to cook, also, i like do not like to talk about my self, but anyone whos reading this deservs to know i think.after high school, ill go into military service fro 3-4 years, then into college, if not at the same time, then to law enforcement for 3 more years, and finally into FBI.i am considered and consider myself to be honorable and moral. i say what i mean, and mean what i say.

Hair: blond, shoudler length

Eyes: odd, they go from blue in the morning, and green at night, kinda grey during the afternoon.

Height: 6"5

Weight: 250lbs


death is as light as a feather, duty as heavy as a mountain

-Robert Jordan

you can die a little each day, or awake reborn

- abraham lincoln

its not how far your willing to take it, but whether you have the courage and frotitude of faith to take it as far as its needed.

the duke(boondock saints)

-whatever man shed blood, by man shall his blood be shed.

-boondock saints

-let the rocks, and trees, and even the birds in the sky be my army.


-every man dies, not every man lives

-willam wallace

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