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I've noticed people use their profile less to talk about themselves and more to give a summary of their story. So I thought I'd try that.

Shadow's Call: While I long ago enjoyed the old d&d rpg stories of legends and four heroes being united in a fight against evil trying to destroy the world, I've grown tired of it as I've gotten older. I will always look back on stuff like dragonlance with fondness but I don't think I could stomach those books nowadays. Instead I've moved towards stories that take place in a fictional medievil world with fantasy elements, but mostly shying away from the standard tolkien and d&d stuff. No elves, noincarnation ofevil. The depths and darkness of humanity provides plenty of evil and this serves as my attempt to tell a story about three characters who get caught up in a war between the two great human nations. No clear villains. No fight to save the world. Just humans trying to live their lives the only way they know how.

I can give a very brief view of the main characters but I want to avoid a lot of detail and let you figure out for yourself who they are in terms of personality and ability.

Lysala - A woman who is part of a small band of revolutionaries in the country of Yustol.

Ancepsus - A young man/teen who has spent all his life in a small out of the way village in the country of Invalin..

Shurin - An assassin in training with incredible skill who is now on the run for his life.

Well, I've called myself slayn for like 10 years now and shall continue to do so. I'm a software engineer with absolutely no education in writing. WhatI have done is spend large sections of my life reading. I love to read, especially fantasy. The genre has always been good to me. Simplistic and exciting in the world of dragonlance when I was younger up to nowadays with more sophisticated fantasy in the form of stuff like George Martin and Steven Erikson.

Back in highschool (holy crap that was a long time ago) I had started up this idea for a story I had. We were forced to write a page every week for english class of anything we wanted. And I grumbled and talked about how english class was the suckiest subject ever and I decided if I was ever going to keep my sanity I had to write a serialized story that I would continue each week. And so I did. And, seeing as this was highschool, the writing was terrible. But my classmates found the story entertaining enough and so I continued.

Years later I stumbled across some of my old writings. At the time I was working on a GBA rpg and we needed a story. So I decided to take my old original story and adapt it into a video game story. This required me to take a lot more care in the story and where I was going with it. Eventually though the game itself fell apart and the group split up. But what I had come up with story wise stuck with me. I liked that story.

The story bubbled in my head for years and I would jot down tielines and notes and outlines of things to happen. Who would betry whome, for what reason, what evidence should be shown to the reader and what could be hidden away. Ideas on how to present the reader one story that makes sense and then when further evidence is later recealed turn that original story completely upside down.

But alas, hard drive/computer failure. All was lost... until about a month or two ago. I decided to hook up my old hd to my new computer and see what could recover. And I found I still had a lot of my old notes and character descriptions. Moved by this second opportunity into inspiration, I decided to finally attempt to put my ideas into words. My ideas that I thought hidden in shadow had called out to me.

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