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Kokoro no Wasuremono
Joined May '06

Yup, I'm named now as 'Kokoro no Wasuremono' which literally means in translated japanese as "Forgotten Heart", don't ask where I got it. It just came and poof I adore the name already and GREATLY!!

I want all of you to know that I'll not be writing any original stories anytime soon, maybe later but not now. But I favor Yaoi and slashable fics very much so just check my favorites and you'll know what I mean.

So..see you someday!! I hope it comes but if you're interested I write fanfiction at "fanfiction.net". Visit me there if you have time.. (~.~)

If, by any chance, you feel that you have loved my stories there in "fanfiction". I do accept requests as a BETA reader BEFORE but unfortunetly this times around I have become more busy that the past times. So, I'm sorry if I have failed to accept requests form other writers. I'm an amatuer myself, it's better if you find more PRO out there. (@_@)

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