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I got rid of some uploads. I'm still working on my manuscript. For the most part a lot of what I wrote is heavily revised or will be heavily revised.

4/08: After two years I'm somewhat please with the body of my work. I really don't know what's my next goal plan at the moment. I changed my s/n from crotchlessvines to thevineswillfollow. I'm still writing, and/or trying to write.

3/08: I can't help not to notice the updated version of fictionpress. Oh yeah think big, think real big and bright. Besides that I don't have any more news besides I'm still struggling with writer's block. Actually it's so bad that I completed a poem and the processes of completion took half of January, the whole month of last month and up until now (March). It's not like I'm writing an epic. I did some editing because it really sounded incomplete and unfinished maybe some more polishing is in the near future.

1/08: Wow I'm going through a serious writer's block then again I don't think it ever stopped. Well I can't write. I edited Oh Dear Majestic Twilight Wish Me Well.

11/07: Oh I changed my pen name from bunyc (rest in peace) to crotchlessvines. How suitable.

Uploaded or to be uploaded: I tried to polish Slow Light Past Midnight, Pale Ghosts and It Ends Like a Slow Light Past Midnight. All were one big blob, no line breaks or stanzas.

Of Knives
Slow Light Past Midnight
And We Prayed For Another Day and Angels are Lights Disguised as Shadows
Decline and the Sickened
Pale Ghosts
It Ends Like a Slow Light Past Midnight
To Stomach The Truth
Oh Dear Majestic Twilight Wish Me Well

9/07: Deleted some poems and uploaded my last batch of poems for The History of Shredded Flesh in case anybody cares or reads this.

8/07: Drowning in writer's block again. Yay!


Weird. Right now I'm struggling to write a short story. The last story story that I completed was three long years ago. My short story skills are rusty. Well I finally posted the rest of my so-called The History of Shredded Flesh and other poems. I think this is it for now.

I'm confident that I overcame my little writing "hump". Not Here and Not There was written sometime in 2005 or early 2006. It's not one of my favorites but it's still nice to see an improvement. Tree Girl and Deep Thrills are somewhat interconnected and both were written sometime late last year. System was also written sometime late last year.

02/07: Sensing another dry spell again.

1/07: Writing and reviewing again. One day I might have some ideas, or something that's worthwhile.

Update 12/06: Suffering from a dry spell. I deleted a few stuff months before.


Hello there. I have been writing for most of my life, right now it’s still just a hobby, but I am looking for some good and honest feedbacks. There’s always room for improvements, and everything that I have written in the past months all sound the same (maybe it’s just me).

I can’t exactly cite all of my influences, since it's a combination of everything, like the environment, books that I have read in the past, music, and life experiences. That's all for now and thanks for stopping by.

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